ISO 14001

As from the beginning of 2012, Peter CV is the proud owner of an ISO 14001 certificate. This certificate is a reward for the high standards within an organization in the area of preserving environment and countryside. Every year these standards are re-evaluated, during which is determined whether an organization holds on to its certificate, or if it is being revoked. Regardless of this continues evaluations, within Peter CV we strive towards the best sustainable methodologies anyway.

Clicking the link below will allow you to view the certificate, as well as to download it. Also see

ISO 14001 Certificate.pdf

We like to see the loyalty and appreciation we get from our clients as main verification of the success of our methodology. However we hold the range of health- and quality certificates

Iso 14001 Brc

"Wij garanderen een lange houdbaarheid, duurzame productiemethoden en een milieuvriendelijke verpakking"

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