Onion+ means consistent quality of onions, even at high volumes

A wide range of onions and onion products


Onions are the business with which it all started for Peter CV. Our Onion+ product line continues our tradition of reliably supplying high quality, sustainably produced onion products.


Our wide range of fresh onion products ensure our potential as a supplier for many types of clients in the food industry. Our onion based products are designed by us, often together with our clients to ensure their specific needs are met. In all cases, we guarantee a long shelf life, sustainable production methods and environmentally friendly packaging.

The following products are part of our standard offering.

Whole peeled onions

In addition to our onion products, we offer whole red and yellow onions, peeled and vacuum packed. Our weight classes range from 3 to 10 kilos.

Red or yellow onion dice

The quality and perfect shape of our onion dice are ensured by the high quality raw materials and the specialized machinery in the production process. Our onion dice are always fresh and tasteful!

Red or yellow onion rings

The perfect round shape of our onion rings is guaranteed by the separate, professional production line for this product in our plant. The rings we sell are closed, very tasteful, and of course fresh.

Grilled onions

We collaborate with several professional grilling companies in Europe to convert our high quality raw materials into high quality grilled onions.


"In our business, reliability is key. Our level of specialization and expertise in both production and logistics allows us to deliver a consistent high quality product at great volumes"

Onion plus
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At Peter CV, we deliver high quality raw materials, process them and deliver the same high quality end products to the designated customer

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