Facebook page Peter CV now available!

As from today, Peter CV can be followed through our very own, brand new, official Facebook-page. This page consists of general information on Peter CV, pictures, video’s, and announcements of upcoming events (such as audits).

In addition to this, visiting will enable anyone to leave comments and questions on the page. We will answer all the questions as adequately as possible. The comments we will use to evaluate the various aspects of our organization in order to improve our service level even further. After all, quality is our strong suit!

Peter CV Management Team

"In our business, reliability is key. Our level of specialization and expertise in both production and logistics allows us to deliver a consistent high quality product at great volumes"

One of our production facilities

Looking for reliable supplier of onions and bell peppers? We'd like to hear from you!

At Peter CV, we delivers the high quality raw materials, we process them and deliver the same quality end products to the designated customer

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