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A high level of service with a personal touch

We like to know our clients personally, and therefore we are often on the road throughout Europe. This allows us to truly support our clients in developing our products so they can further develop their business. We like to understand their history, their current challenges and, perhaps most importantly, their ambitions for the future.

We believe this caring and sharing approach nurtures loyalty and mutual respect, which is a way of working that is appreciated by our clients as much as we appreciate it.
For our Onion+ and Pepper+ product lines, our clients mainly come from the following sectors.

Vegetable-processing companies and caterers

Catering companies use our products in the meals and snacks they prepare. Vegetable-processing companies create vegetable packages for use in many areas. Both types of companies mainly use our whole pealed red and yellow onions, but also onion rings and diced onions. Here, ‘fresh’ is the keyword. For them, our delivery within twelve hours after production makes is an important argument to choose Peter CV’s Onion+ and Pepper+ product lines.

Fast food restaurants

If you have ever eaten in a well-known fast food chain in Western Europe, you probably already tasted our Onion+ and Pepper+ products! We supply to some of the largest fast food chains in countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium and, of course, locally in The Netherlands.

Meat processing companies

The filet américain business is quite important to Peter CV. We have been supplying meat processing companies for years and have developed a strong and good relationship with each of them, which is something we are very proud of.


We are proud to be supplying some of the biggest food-wholesalers in the Netherlands. As these clients order thousands of packages each week, you can imagine that a faulty product slips through the cracks now and then. But not with Peter CV! Over the years, in spite of multiple growth processes, we have kept our believe that each package should be perfect. This ensures the wholesalers’ loyalty towards us.


Retailers are often our smaller but no less valued clients! Because we deliver within twelve hours after production, our clients always have fresh onion and pepper products available, which for many is an essential requirement to run their business.

Intermediate processors

We collaborate with several partner companies throughout Europe to deliver grilled and processed onions in small, medium and large volumes. By delivering the high quality raw materials, these companies are able to produce and deliver high quality end products to their own customer base. Whether you are an intermediate processor or you are in search of processed onion or pepper product, do come talk to us!


"In our business, reliability is key. Our level of specialization and expertise in both production and logistics allows us to deliver a consistent high quality product at great volumes"

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Peter CV can supplying great volumes

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At Peter CV, we deliver high quality raw materials, process them and deliver the same high quality end products to the designated customer

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