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The Number One

Onion Supplier in Europe!

Our wide range of onion products

The Number One

Pepper Supplier in Europe!

Our wide range of pepper products
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Designers of high quality onion and pepper products

Peter CV is Europe's foremost specialist in the development of onion and pepper based food products. Our primary focus is on innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction. Learn more about us

We do not only serve our customers, we also serve our customers' customers!

Supplying to most countries in the North-Western part of Europe, Peter CV is one of the foremost processed onion suppliers in Europe. We focus mostly on expanding from within our current client base (product development and innovativeness), but we also invest in obtaining new customers. See what our customers says about us


We like to see the loyalty and appreciation we get from our clients as main verification of the success of our methodology. However we hold the range of health- and quality certificates


Complete growth process from seed to finalised product

Its wide range of product types ensures Peter CV's great potential as supplier for a lot of different types of organizations.

We offer processed red and yellow onions which we pack in different weight classes from 100 grams to 2 kilo's.

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“To us, onions are a commodity, but an important one. What I personally appreciate about Peter CV, is that we have an excellent open communication. To me, that is very reassuring.”

Owner of meat processing facility

“Our customers place a great emphasis on sustainability. We have chosen to work with Peter CV in our efforts to ensure the sustainability of our entire production chain”.

Brand manager at soup producer

At Peter CV, we delivers the high quality raw materials, we process them and deliver the same quality end products to the designated customer

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